in Berlin - on the web - in your hands


  • Berlin:
    1. 1:1 consultation and intensive diagnostics (nerve measurement of the central and peripheral nervous system, ultrasound of the vessels supplying the brain, laboratory diagnostics and lumbar puncture). Address: click

  • Web:
    2. Online video consultation for initial contact (planning of further steps) or progress discussion
    3. dialog via arzt-direkt app (see ADOPT in blog) (

  • in your hands:
    1, 2 or 3: You decide when and how to make contact. You manage the appointments conveniently via Doctolib


  • In Berlin on-site medical services may only be offered to privately insured and self-pay patients

  • Online video consultations and companionship via doctor-direct app are also available for patients with statutory health insurance from our Kiel practice.

  • Hybrid: the health insurance approval of the Sospesa PFADEN practice in Kiel enables, for example, medication prescriptions, laboratory diagnostics and referrals to MRIs, for example, to be paid for by the statutory health insurance.


  • Forget everything you have expected from doctor's visits so far!

  • In Berlin, we meet to discuss your symptoms, neurological examination and additional diagnostics, if necessary, and determine a diagnostic and/or therapeutic plan. The appointment is more like a coffee visit than an appointment with a doctor.

  • We discuss the progress and/or results of supplemented examinations on site or via one of the digital channels.


  • At present, it must be assumed that outpatient care as we know it has no future due to the cost situation and the motivation of physicians (details)

  • One option then is to be employed as a physician by a large investors and have migraines treated by means of dental implants, cataract stitches, or sinus or cervical spine surgery.

  • But health is not an economic good. Hence our approach: flexible and mobile working, accompanying patients via app in their everyday life, reduction of costs for expensive infrastructure and investment in high medical quality.

  • That's why!




Every colleague is welcome to add a mesh to this open network with his or her expertise or to increase the redundancy of care.


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